I currently offer two main kinds of family photography sessions: Adventure Sessions and In-Home Sessions.
Other, more bespoke sessions, are available on request and are listed on the Pricing page

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For older ones it might be the bittersweet realisation that they’re almost the same height as you now (or maybe even taller). Perhaps it’s the individual style they’ve developed that is entirely their own; the way they exchange glances with their siblings at every shared inside joke; the sprinkle of freckles that they still have on their nose; and the way they lean in to you when they think no-one is looking…

older ones

I love photographing families exactly as they are and strive to capture those moments of connection that are uniquely yours: all of those small-but-meaningful things that you want to remember. 

For little ones it might be their extraordinary eyelashes; the unruly wisps of hair that never lie flat no matter how much you brush them; or their expressive hands (I have this thing with hands, they tell a story all of their own). Perhaps it’s the cheeky twinkle in their eyes as they take off their socks for the umpteenth time; the shy smile they offer when they want something; or their sassy attitude. It could be the way they hug with their whole body; the way they take hold of your face when they give you a kiss; the way they pout when they’re feeling sad; the way they snuggle their most favourite cuddly toy. Or maybe it’s the sprinkle of freckles on their nose; the way they bury their face in your shoulder when they’re tired; the gaps from lost teeth that change their whole face; the deep sigh they let out when they relax into the safety of your arms…  

little ones

All you need to do is show up and love your family.

These are just examples of course. You’ll have your own list of moments with meaning that you want a record of and throughout our session I’ll do my absolute best to capture them.

There’s very little posing involved, just some gentle nudges of encouragement here and there, and natural light is key. I see my role as creating space for the magic moments to happen and then documenting it all as it unfolds. I don’t want it to be ‘just’ a photoshoot, or something that’s a chore for the kids. I want it to be an experience that you’ll all look forward to year after year because, of course, your stories are always evolving.

Every session I capture for you and your family, whether we’re out on an adventure together or relaxing at your home, is part of your legacy. If you’re the one who is usually behind the camera or snapping away on your phone, I want to make sure you get in the frame as evidence that you were there too. Throughout it all I aim to document both the bigger picture and the details so that your final gallery paints a picture of who you all are, right now. 


“We have had several photo shoots with photographers before but none as relaxed or enjoyable as this one. In the words of my children, they had an AMAZING TIME! Chloe took us to a location we had never been to before and we were excited to explore our new surroundings and go on an adventure. I never knew having your photo taken could be so much fun.... and we certainly did have fun, this was captured in the fantastic photos Chloe took. I would definitely recommend and hope to book again.”

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