meet Chloe

I’m so glad you’re here. It’s great to meet you. I’m Chloe – photographer and storyteller.

I believe that everyone has a story and that everyone’s story matters. In fact, we’re all made of stories, each one as unique and personal and individual as the trees in a forest or the wildflowers in a meadow. 

You might think that your story is quite unremarkable – I promise you it’s not. Or maybe it’s a hard story to share. That’s ok too. There is magic amidst the mess and the mundane of everyday life and capturing those (extra)ordinary moments on camera is what makes my heart beat faster. Making the craziness count and documenting the calm, the chaos and all of the moments in between is what I do.

Photographs are a form of time travel in a way. They’re a tangible record of you and your family as you are right now, in this moment. Just imagine what it might be like in the future when you look back at them, when you remember and marvel at who you once were and how you became who you are now. You’re not who you’re going to be yet – none of us are - and I firmly believe that it’s vitally important to capture as many moments of your family’s journey along the way as we possibly can.

Every story has a place in this world. Every story deserves to be told. We’re all made of stories… let me tell yours.