I have loved stories in all their forms since I was a little girl...

From reading words in books to gazing at art hung on walls to flipping through photographs hidden away on shelves in dusty old albums… they all meant something to me far deeper than I was able to verbalise. They made me feel something, and I loved the feelings they gave me.

As a result, I’ve felt the pull to document my own life and memories for as long as I can remember. Childhood scrapbooks, holiday diaries and drawings gave way to teenage thoughts & feelings scribbled in secret journals and snapping photos on my compact camera. I remember the anticipation of getting photos back from the printing lab, the heavy packets landing on the doormat through the letterbox with a thud and me racing down the stairs to scoop them up and look through them as if it were yesterday. By the time I got to high school I was always the one with a camera in my hand.  

Originally from London and now currently based in Staffordshire, I’m a traveller at heart. I have an incurable case of wanderlust and am always planning the next adventure. Not much makes me happier than when I’m exploring a new-to-me place with my camera in my hand and my family by my side.


I’m a creative joy-seeker who looks for the beauty in the tiniest things, a dreamer and an avid-people watcher. I love to read, watch movies and get out in nature as often as possible. Details really, REALLY matter to me. I’m also stubborn, feisty and an overthinking introvert – my head is never, ever quiet.

I don’t like surface level chit-chat, I prefer to dive straight into meaningful conversations that run soul-deep so I can really get to know a person. You might start off as a photography client but ultimately, I hope we become good friends.

I’ve also worked as a therapist for the last fourteen years after a period of being in the fundraising industry. Giving back has always been important to me – I want to return some good to the world in exchange for the grace it often shows me. For a long time I did that by helping people let go of their struggles.

Now I’m doing it by showing you how extraordinarily beautiful you and your family are just by being you. I see you, perfect imperfections and all, and I want to give you the opportunity to just be with your family in the most honest, real and natural of ways so that I can capture authentic and meaningful connections between you, for you, so that you can see that beauty too.

I can’t wait to meet you!

I’m an early-riser, a sunset-chaser and am most definitely solar-powered.

I could freeze time by pressing a button and be able to revisit a moment whenever I wanted to. It still feels just as amazing even now. The fascination has continued throughout my life, getting stronger and stronger as time has gone on and becoming a full-blown obsession once my first daughter was born in 2006.    

I’m now lucky enough to be Mama to three fiercely loving and strong-willed girls, plus a bonus daughter who I adore and think of as my own. They are, of course, my most photographed subjects.

It felt magical...